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Imperfect Wooden Dough Bowls - not for candle making

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These perfectly imperfect dough bowls are perfect for your farm house decor, resin art, kitchen counter, fairy garden homes or holiday decor.  

What you get by  purchasing a imperfect bowl "not for candle making", is a bowl with character. It is not an inferior bowl. It is just a bowl that will not work for candle pouring because of the natural wood characteristics. Overall, it's typically just a cooler, unique looking bowl with more character. We will hand select each one for you. 

Imperfect bowls are available in Stained or Distressed White. 

Flaws may include but not limited to: pin holes, knots, cracks, or other naturally occuring processes in tree growth. 

Made with Spanish Oak. 

These dough bowls will not hold liquid and CAN NOT be used for candle making or food serving. 

Size: Petite Dough Bowl Size approximately 9" X 5" X 2" inches.  

A guide to choosing the right size for you! We hope this is helpful as you shop with us. If you have additional questions, please feel free to reach out via email:

Jill (Blonde) 

Height: 5'7"  Average Pant Size: 10 Average Blouse Size: 8 Bust: 34DD

Typical Chic Avenue Boutique Size: Medium

Krista (Brunette)

Height: 5'8" Average Pant Size: 16 Average Blouse Size: 14  Bust: 40DDD

Typical Chic Avenue Boutique Size: Large/XL


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