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Scatter Kindness cards

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Scatter kindness wherever you go with this box of 24 cards. There are 4 designs and there are 6 of each design. The back of the cards are left blank to sign or add your own message. 1. I am here for you 2. One day, one step, one moment at a time. Some days that is all we can do 3. You do because you dare to dream 4. Anyone can fly, you just have to find your wings

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Jill (Blonde) 

Height: 5'7"  Average Pant Size: 10 Average Blouse Size: 8 Bust: 34DD

Typical Chic Avenue Boutique Size: Medium

Krista (Brunette)

Height: 5'8" Average Pant Size: 16 Average Blouse Size: 14  Bust: 40DDD

Typical Chic Avenue Boutique Size: Large/XL


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