The Colors of The Season (And Year!)

In the retail industry, there is a lot of talk about Pantone's color of the year and colors of the season. I'm so fascinated that there is a company that predicts which colors will become popular each season and how they might be used. They actually do this for all industries even beyond fashion. It's truly phenomenal and interesting (at least for a marketing geek like me). You can learn more about what they do on their site, but this post is mainly to talk about what these colors mean for you as a shopper and specifically what you might be seeing from us here at Chic Avenue Boutique! 

First thing's first. Here are the colors Pantone has settled on for the year and season.

The Year: Classic Blue

Pantone Color Of The Year

The Spring/Summer 2020 Season: 

Pantone Spring Summer 2020

These colors are what designers and brands use to create their collections so we are expecting to see all sorts of clothing and accessories featuring these colors. Want to learn more about what Pantone has to say about each color? Check out this trend report!

While we may not have clothing items in every single color listed here, we are definitely using this as inspiration for our spring and summer buying. We will be heading to WWD Magic in a few weeks and can't wait to see how brands have brought these colors to life in their new collections! We'll also use this as inspiration when we head to design some of our own pieces. Whether they are graphic tees or custom fabrics from our favorite brands! Remember, our word for 2020 is EXPAND and we are so excited to start expanding into more custom-designed products JUST FOR YOU! 

Drop your favorite color on the list in the comments below! We'd love to know what our customers are feeling!


Jill & Krista



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